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Ceres: The Great Mother

As my studies in astrology and psychology deepen, I feel called to discuss some of the others in the sky beyond the known planets and how their stories can offer us enrichment and meaning.

Goddess Ceres

Today is an exploration of the astroid or 'dwarf planet' Ceres. Ceres is found in the astroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This astroid is named after the goddess Ceres (Demeter in Greek mythology) mother to Persephone. Ceres is the goddess of grain crops, fertility and motherly love. She is daughter of Saturn and Rhea.

Ceres is best known for her role in the kidnapping of her daughter Persephone by Pluto (Hades in Greek mythology) which resulted in the changing of the seasons. Ceres rejoices in the spring and summer when she is reunited with Persephone. Ceres drops into despair and greif during fall and winter when Persephone is in the underworld with Pluto.

Ceres is a complicated and dynamic figure. She holds deep love, intense rage and incredible grief...her complexity is much like the mother/child relationship. Ceres is ruled by Cancer in astrology and represents maternal function in our lives. This quality is connected to

the mothering experience we had as a child and how we show up as parents ourselves.

"Every mother contains her daughter in herself and every daughter her mother; every woman extends back into her mother and forward into her daughter." - CG Jung

According to the book Astroid Goddesses, whoever takes primary responsibility for the nurturance and early development of the child acts out the archetype of Ceres. Attachment studies and science inform us of how impactful the mother-imprint is on the psyche. Therefore, our relationships in adulthood to self and others are informed (for better and for worse) by the mothering we received or did not receive.

Locating Ceres on your birth chart can tell you what house and what sign this dwarf planet was in when you arrived Earth-side. The house will tell you where in your life you may feel this and the sign will tell you how, or the energy, that Ceres expresses. Another useful aspect is to notice what Ceres' relationship is to Pluto on your birth chart... As we know these two have a beef with each other and their angles and proximity can ramp up or tone down the shadow side of Ceres.

To generate your birth chart you must know the time and place where you were born. You can find where Ceres is by going to Astro Charts and then clicking on settings to add additional planets & astroids. Ceres uses the glyph of a sickle.

Big love to all my fellow psychonauts & mind-sailors!


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