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Body + Mind + Soul + Spirit = You card i

Welcome, I'm glad you're here.

If you're clicking around the site, you're probably wondering what it would be like to embark on therapy and what I bring into the room. I use a holistic approach to understanding who you are and what you desire. I tend to the mind, as most therapists do, but I hold the soul, spirit and body in the same regard as I do the thinking mind.


Our human design is a well oiled machine when we are able to balance these four parts. Often we tend to put all our focus on one or two parts of this design. I usually spend time with those whose minds are trying desperately to manage ALL of life. The thinking mind was never intended to be the leader 24/7. Don't get me wrong, we need that thinking, albeit at times wild, mind, but we equally need the wisdom that comes from our bodies, our souls and our spirits. 

What is this kind of therapy like?

I see it as an invitation to join you at this stage on your journey. I walk beside you and help you remember that which is already within you. You are whole and perfect, and I know the world has tried to tell you otherwise. It is an illusion and I am honored to help you lift the veils, ditch the masks, peel the onion layers back etc. 

So what this looks like is you saving sacred time for yourself by scheduling therapy on a regular basis, and I will meet you where you are. As wise Rumi says, "If all you can do is crawl, start crawling." I will crawl with you. Then you will walk, and then you will run and leap. I will work to help you find your center. You might feel like life is throwing you about, rag-dolling you across the incessant surface of the ocean. Have you ever been slammed by a wave? That shit is scary. What we forget is that there is an alternative way to experience life. We can chose to drop below the surface. Down into stillness. Down into peace.


We meet for our scheduled sessions, and do the work. It is work. Therapy with me is soft, and grounded, and safe, but there are times it is messy and heavy. I will be with you as you look at your shadow and fears, dive into inner child work or explore your feelings about death and life and purpose. Together we will tune into your soul's wisdom and reconnect with your sense of self and intuition. I offer guided visualizations during session to those who are looking to deepen their mindfulness practice or create a meditation discipline. I also study the energy body and can assist with introducing or deepening your work with your chakra system. 


What is this kind of therapy like?

What to know about me.

I am a mystical momma of two who leans into the magical side of life. I strive to always keep my soul growth and expansion as my guiding beacon on this journey. I ritualize the moon and cherish my tarot decks. I tend to my chakras and practice self reiki. I meditate and talk to my plant babies daily. I find my connection with my Higher Self and my ability to be firmly grounded a beneficial skill in my work with clients. I feel a deep connection to the physical world around me and also my guides in spirit. 

At times my spiritual path has been a bumpy one, filled with many purposeful (hard!) lessons and other times it has been filled with ease and flow. I am constantly learning and choosing to go within. I deeply believe that we all have the answers within us and that that is how we grow and heal. Not only ourselves, but those around us as well. 

I am formally trained with a masters degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University. This background in human behavior and scientific research provides a solid foundation for me and my work. 

If ANY of this information resonates with you, don't hesitate to reach out. This calling in life to serve and help is one I find so meaningful. I know we can do beautiful work together.  


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Currently offering online counseling to the state of Texas. Primary location Austin, Texas & San Marcos, Texas.

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