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"What you seek is seeking you. " 


Spirit + Soul + Mind + Body

Third Eye
Third Eye

Do you have an insatiable desire for self-discovery? Wanting to know why you act, hurt, feel the way you do?


Have you recently had a spiritually transformative experience and wanting support as you process and make sense of what it means?

Are you nervous to talk about your experiences for fear of being labeled crazy? Maybe you are concerned about your sanity.

Are you confused or frightened by this shift in perspective?

Have you recently had a near death or out of body experience that has reorganized who you are and what you value?

If this information is resonating with you, you are probably actively following a path of awakening to your soul's purpose. This can be an exciting, but overwhelming transition. A time where the lens flipped on your perspective of the world and you can't go back. Sometimes this happens in a marked spiritual or traumatic experience, sometimes it is a slow process that happens over weeks and months. The awakening is woven into the the mundane, day to day practices until one day we look up and realize everything has changed. An inner alchemy has occurred as you lived your life, bringing you a whole new view on existence and life and people and energy and relationships and the Earth. The veil has begun to lift. This transition can be confusing, scary and alienating. 

Moon Gazing

What is a Spiritually Transformative Experience?

According to ACISTE, "An experience is spiritually transformative when it causes people to perceive themselves and the world profoundly differently: by expanding the individual’s identity, augmenting their sensitivities, and thereby altering their values, priorities and appreciation of the purpose of life. This may be triggered by surviving clinical death, or by otherwise sensing an enlarged reality."


A spiritually transformative experience (STE) can happen spontaneously or can be sought out or invited in. Spontaneous STE seem to create more distress. There are as many possible ways STEs arise as there are individual people. Near death experiences, intense plant medicine trips, awakening of the kundalini, out of body happenings, visions, trauma, illness, past/after life memories and many other forms of yanking the third eye open can leave us shaken and confused. Perhaps your sensitivity to your surroundings has increased and you are struggling to maintain your habits, relationships and environment as it was prior to your STE. It is important to have support and space to process and integrate these life altering incidents. Therapy with a knowledge and reverence for STEs can be part of that support system. You don't have to walk this journey alone.

Rock Maze

Everyone is on their own path and I honor your path. I feel called to support those who chose this path actively, and those who were, unbeknownst to them, pushed into this expansion process. Reach out if you are feeling confused, scared, alone or misunderstood by those around you. Together we can explore your call to live big and process everything you are integrating and learning.

Third Eye



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