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Parts Work

Internal Family Systems, also known as parts work, is the foundation for my practice. I find this model highly intuitive and deeply transformative. I have been both a client and a practitioner of Internal Family Systems (IFS). Approaching our internal work from a place of curiosity and calm allows opportunity to get to know our many parts.

You are your own healer.

Building relationship with our parts helps to decrease the internal conflicts… Have you ever said “a part of me wants to do this, but another part of me would rather not.” In that statement you have identified two parts, both trying to take care of you, but struggling to co-exist. They feel that if the other part gets their way, it will be impossible to meet the need they are focused on. I’ve sometimes heard the description of Self being the conductor and our parts being the individual musicians. All parts are needed and welcomed to create a rich and purpose driven life. Self helps to create the flow and balance between the fragments.


You are your own healer. I can help guide you to your true Self, the keeper of all your parts. Once you begin to occupy Self energy (self with a capital S), you can then turn towards your parts and relieve them of the burdens they carry. Create clear leadership from Self and the parts begin to trust you and not feel that they have to be heightened or reactive in nature.


It is natural to have a diverse assortment of many, many parts internally. Let’s get to know your brilliant and adaptive system to find out why and how these parts operate.

I have completed formal training with the IFS Institute including level 1 and the IFS Online Circle. To connect with other clinicians who have received this level of training check out the IFS directory here.

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