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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Lao Tzu

When everything feels messy-- messy hair, messy house, messy emotions, messy diapers, messy messy messy. Is it possible to find yourself in this mess?


New motherhood, when you can still see the woman you once were across the shore. She feels light years away, but maybe only a month or so ago that was you. You find yourself longing for that familiar life, that that familiar woman lives. You know deep in your bones that you are forever changed, and there can be aspects of sadness when you recognize this.


Becoming a mother means you will break your heart wide open.  But this is an invitation to delve into your heart space. To grow and heal and become the mother you know you can be. To awaken to your innate gifts of peace, love and stillness. Create a mindfulness practice in the ordinary, everyday experiences and in doing so, provide a nurturing, warm environment for your family. 

You are already complete, perfect and whole. Don't believe me? Look at your baby. You are everything  your baby wants and needs. You are complete. If you can recognize this absolute truth, you can then start to accept the present as is-- the joy and sorrow, the love and shame, the exciting and mundane.  Accepting everything you are feeling in your new role as mother will serve you not only when things are bright and joyful, but equally so when times are difficult--maybe even unbearable. 

It goes without saying, your baby will push you to your limits and challenge your perspective of who you thought you were. While uncomfortable, this experience can assist you in dropping what was never meant to be yours to hold. Drop the guilt of not meeting a mothering goal you set. Drop the shame of doing that 'thing' you said you would never do. Drop the insecurity you've gathered from other mommas doing things differently than you. Drop it all. Once you lighten your load, you will find you are able to tune into your intuition. This is a time like never before where your intuition is intensely needed. De-clutter your mind and tune into your inner knowing.  The voice inside that knows that stranger's advice in the grocery store is bogus. The same voice that urged you to put the book back on the shelf because it wasn't going to help.  That inner voice that knows that you, and you alone are the expert on your baby. 


You can do this. You are complete, perfect and whole, just ask your baby. How do you want to fill this role each day?  

Full Circle Gatherings

Social Support Group for Hays County Mommas!

Come join us every Wednesday at 10:30 am - noon in San Marcos for a momma support group! We meet, we play, we eat, we drink coffee and we talk about the highs and lows of motherhood. Mommas (and dads!) and babies of all ages welcome!  We have monthly mindfulness/yoga and proudly host La Leche League the fourth Wednesday of every month. Click here to join the facebook group and stay up to date on announcements. 

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