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What is willpower and how do I find more of it?

I recently came across something that felt in alignment with the month of January... The notorious month of setting lofty goals followed by several months of those goals falling to the wayside or being directly sabotaged by self.


According to Jung, will is the energy available to the consciousness.


When making a choice for oneself we only have that which is in the consciousness available to determine how much energy, focus or stamina we have towards said choice. This leads me to have curiosity about times in my life where I have lacked this elusive willpower concerning choices or goals. What parts of self were lurking in the unconscious who also had feelings/concerns about these choices. Who wanted a chance to share their perspective but weren't acknowledged and consequently not invited in. Those parts of self that have yet to come into the light but are absolutely influencing the way I feel and ultimately how much energy I have towards directing my will. In contrast, there are those times where goals or choices have fallen into place almost effortlessly... or when effort was required there was a strong motivation and volition pushing towards.

I have always prescribed to the belief that awareness can be a healing modality in and of itself and the way Jung interpreted will supports this. While the subconscious is bottomless and it will never be fully known, there is excitement in knowing the journey into self will be always be available.

What is willpower and how do I find more of it? With this perspective in mind it would seem that the answer would be to continue to hold curiosity about who you are, why you are and what is waiting for you in the shadows of your psyche. To continue forward on the quest to know thyself and dive deeper each time.

There are pockets of your heart and soul that you have yet to meet. Adventure awaits!

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