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Sovereignty & Self-Authority

Are you familiar and in alignment with your sovereignty? What a question!! Sovereignty is about trusting that you have the ability to govern your own life. As this concept integrates and becomes solid within yourself, you will then be able to fan that out to the world. Trusting that others can not only govern their own lives, but that it is their (and your!) birthright.

This runs deeper than confidence. This is a deep and faithful knowing that the only true authority is self-authority. Collectively, we all seem to be grappling with the notion of external authorities crumbling and being unreliable. Any system or institution that is built upon hierarchy and a more than/less than platform will continue to dismantle as we all awaken to the reality that external authority was never reliable. As the collective swims in the energy of confusion know that the more you turn within and align with self-authority and sovereignty the more resilient you will be as we move through this revolutionary time.

Standing in your sovereignty and self-authority means feeling the solid ground of integrity supporting your choices, actions and beliefs. Reflect back to times where you have felt a deep knowing and confidence around a choice or belief... Think about standing in that power. A clear heart and mind. Now think about a similar situation where you have shape-shifted and agreed to something you felt was not in alignment for you... Feel what it is like to lose your integrity. For me I feel a slumping of the shoulders, a tightness in my throat and/or stomach. A disappointment in myself, regret. We have all been there. These moments offer contrast and information to move forward.

The more we embody and integrate self authority and sovereignty the less tolerance we have for that previously mentioned shape shifting. When these are your beacons out ahead, you will remain on the path of aligned integrity.

"How lucky we are to be alive right now?" - That Would Be Enough <3

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