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Mindfulness & Therapy

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

I took a long and winding path to come to where I am in this moment. Haven't we all? I wasn't always sure I would find my way back to psychotherapy. I was frustrated by the bureaucratic red tape and what feels like endless requirements needed to enter the field. But yet, here I am, trudging through.

Artwork by Mary Alayne Thomas

During my almost decade interim from the profession, I acquired so many experiences that truly changed my expression of life. Looking back now, I know that this was always my intended path. I decided to come back to counseling and waited until the last second, almost literally, to slip back in. Part of this decision was the different skills I had begun to fine tune and how I knew these skills could help so many. I am motivated by this desire to be the vehicle that delivers the skill set of this vague word called mindfulness, in order to help others achieve a sense of an empowered and meaningful living.

Being a stay at home mom for 5 years really forced me to empty my guts on the table, see it all, reorganize my pieces and put myself back together. Through the intensity of this experience I was invited to really truly meet myself, my soul, my higher self, my self as context, my essence, whatever your term du jour may be. In this journey back to myself I picked up some skills to manage the exhausting, defeating, mundane, extreme experiences that come with being home all day with two small people depending on you for everything minus breathing. I have now dedicated my life's work to studying and understanding how breath work, meditation, loving-kindness awareness, and connection to the present moment help to ground people when emotions and events try to sweep them away to rag doll them about. The more I learn and the more I practice, the more convicted I become in believing that these are the keys to living a life you love. Thank you for joining me on this journey of self exploration. <3



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