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Start Within Therapy

“Work in the invisible world at least as hard you work in the visible.”


Are the demands of life 


Life can feel like a pinball machine, ricocheting you from one event to the next. Putting out one fire after another.  Are you struggling to quiet your racing mind, or finding it harder and harder to fall asleep? Is your current situation so overwhelming that you find yourself obsessing about the future or past? Are you longing for more space, and the choice to respond instead of react to life's events?  


If this sounds like your current experience, I want you to know that all the feelings you are desiring are possible. In fact, it is your birthright to have space, love, a sense of calm and empowered choices in your everyday life. 

What if I told you that being present and mindful will not only relieve the stress and anxiety, it can also open you up to the fullness of your life. Our challenges and obstacles in life can provide the exact amount of discomfort required to make a shift. How empowering it is to view our trauma, grief, anxiety, overwhelm, panic attacks or devastation as an invitation for expansion and growth. To tap into your true essence. Life does not need to be only managed and tolerated, it can be joyful and rich with purpose and meaning

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Welcome to Start Within Therapy. I am happy you have taken the first step to begin your healing journey by exploring counseling options.

My name is Danielle Knapp, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. My approach is warm, intuitive and connected. I specialize in folks ages 25-35 who are coping with anxiety and overwhelm, major life transitions and  spiritual ascension/development in South Austin and San Marcos. Learn more about me here.

Together we can delve into your inner world and shine a light so that you can thrive! This idea can sound mind-boggling, maybe even frightening. You can pace this journey with a trained professional and I will help you navigate and integrate what we unpack together. We will do this by increasing your consciousness and understanding of who you are and why. Empowering you to grow and make choices in the direction of self love and acceptance. A path to wholeness. 

I am also passionate about helping mothers navigate the experience of parenting as a spiritual journey. How to use mindfulness to cultivate emotions such as curiosity, peace, gratitude and acceptance about what is. Mothering has been one of my most expansive experiences, offering numerous opportunities for growth... usually by way of triggers. Children are quite skilled in helping us identify areas in need of self reflection and attention. 

I am currently only offering online therapy. To get started, you can schedule a free 20 minute consultation by emailing me at or filling out the contact form below.

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Currently offering online counseling to the state of Texas. Primary location Austin, Texas & San Marcos, Texas.

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